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Guestbook for All Photographs
Michelle Hunter
Jeff and I are thankful and equally blessed to have been able to celebrate our 16th wedding anniversary in Maui on the actual day of our wedding. It was an intimate ceremony, just the way wanted it. Bobbi Jo officiated the ceremony, and she was excellent! Very personal, while invoking the power of nature. Robin took his time taking our pictures, and even welcomed our suggestions. We really enjoyed our time with Bobbi Jo and her son, Robin...they're both very approachable and jolly to talk to. We definitely want to come back and maybe renew again! :)


Jeff & Michelle Hunter
Ryan Neal bundo
Roger and his wife Bobbi Jo made our wedding literally the best day of our lives. They were so genuine and personal, we felt like they were old friends. We didn't really cover details of the ceremony beforehand so we were totally surprised with everything that he did from the custom vows he gave to the leis to the conch shell. We did not want a traditional Christian ceremony, we wanted something spiritual and natural and that is what he provided. His wife took amazing pictures before, during, and after the ceremony and even took some shots of poses we suggested. She was very fun and friendly as well. They didn't even mind that we were a little late to our own wedding and we ended up just choosing a completely random spot that he had never married anyone at before! We would highly recommend them to anyone getting married on Maui!
Curt and Linda Flanagan(non-registered)
Hawaii has always been on our bucket list and the beautiful island of Maui did not disappoint. Without question, the highlight of our trip was to renew our vows on sunset beach celebrating thirty-five wonderful years of marriage. The renewing of vows is usually only done once in a lifetime and so it is important the ceremony is truly memorable. We cannot say enough about Reverend Bobbie Jo and her husband Roger who photographed our beautiful reunion of vows. Bobbie Jo made us feel so special with her inciteful words, heartfelt love and unique Hawaiian ceremony. Roger was able to capture our magical night with beautiful photographs and gentle sense of humour. We would highly recommend these two special people for anyone wishing to once again mate with their souls.

Curt and Linda Flanagan
Vanessa & Mikael march 30th 2015(non-registered)
We had a great time with roger he had wonderful picture ideas that turned very beautiful. i couldnt have better pictures we are absolutely in love with them !!!. Very professional work thank you so much again :) (im sorry for the english) :P
Sherry and Gary Baker(non-registered)
Many of my friends have said that it was the most perfect wedding they have been to. Bobbie Jo played beautiful music, even learned a new song just for us! Roger's pictures are wonderful, he really captured the moment all evening. I totally would recommend them to anyone getting married on Maui.
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